June 1st – August 31st 2019, Tønsberg, Norway

<GIPT>  The root of the word gift is the Old Norse ‘gipt’.
A gift is an item that’s given without any expectation of payment.

Welcome and thanks for your interest. <GIPT> is a participatory art project led by artists Robbie Coleman & Jo Hodges (Scotland) and Linn Horntvedt (Norway). <GIPT> creates a series of public works that explore the transmission of information and ideas through place, time, trade and culture using the analogy of seeds. The project also investigates methods of sharing such as gifting, generosity and Open Source. We are responding to the history of St Olav’s medieval church and monastery in Tønsberg (dating from 1180) by creating a temporary public garden at the church ruin where we will cultivate the culinary plants and herbs that were grown at medieval St Olav’s Monastery. The garden, which will be built using an open source design and will be for community use, aims to provide both a space for contemplation and open conversations about future uses of the site.

The project acts as a connector between past and future. In an age defined by issues of ownership of land, information, ideas, even seeds, <Gipt> investigates alternative models of distribution and provokes conversations about what social values may be needed to face our uncertain future. As our long held notions of society are challenged by climate change, consumerism and the onward rush of technology, will ‘sharing’ become one of the most politically charged words in our vocabulary?

Visiting The Garden and want to know more about the plants? please click HERE


15th June – 31st August. Garden open to the public

18 July: Vestfold Art Center hosts a city walk with Per Arvid Åsen from Agder Naturmuseum and Botanical Garden, University of Agder. The walk discovers the monastery plants in the centre of town. 5pm Event information

<GIPT> is part of KA:5: KUNSTLED Vestfold 2019 http://www.vestfoldkunstsenter.no