Mini Glasshouse

<GIPT>has created three delicate glasshouses (Terrrariums) with tiny enclosed gardens. They will travel across the city of Tønsberg for 10 days, being passed from person to person via friends, neighbours or strangers.

If you have received one of the tiny gardens you should keep it somewhere beautiful in your home for one day and then pass it on to a friend, neighbour, colleague or stranger. Remember to pass on care instructions to the next carer and a link to this blog.

The final destination for the mini glasshouses is at the Rundkirkeruinen for the <GIPT> Garden Opening on the 15th June at 3pm. If you have received a glasshouse within 24 hours of the date of the Garden Opening but can’t attend, please make sure it is passed to someone who will be able to take it there.

The artists hope that the tiny planted worlds will take different journeys across Tønsberg, their care being shared by strangers until they arrive at their destination.

The mini glasshouses don’t require much maintenance, keep out of direct sunlight and add a little water every few days.

Many thanks from the <GIPT> artists: Jo, Linn and Robbie

P.S We’d love some images of the journeys of the <GIPT> mini glasshouses. Please snap a photo on your phone and send by text or WhatsApp to 477908607480

The Mini Glasshouses before starting their journeys across Tønsberg