Please come along and get involved, we’d love to meet you.

1 June: Seed Packet workshop in Tønsberg and Færder Library. 1-4pm
6 June: Artists talk. Vestfold Kunstsenter. 6-8pm
7 June: Seed Packet workshop in Tønsberg and Færder Library. 12-4pm
12 June: Dugnad garden construction. Rundkirkeruinen. 4-7pm:

Dugnad info: Build – Share – Eat
Come along and help construct an open source Grow Pod. We are looking for donations of plants for the grow pod and will be having a seed and plant swap so please do bring something from your garden to swap or donate (herbs and edible plants preferred) Waffles from 5.30pm : Bring and share your favourite filling.

15 June: Garden Opening. Rundkirkeruinen. 3pm
+ Welcome by Kristin Røed of Vestfold kunstsenter
+ The ‘Flowering’. Choral work from Scotland created using medieval herb illustrations
+ Garden opening by Petter Berg, Mayor of Tønsberg
+ Presentation by Eivind Luthen from Rundkirkens Venner
+ Act of Gifting with Jérôme Richter
+ Exchange of plants and seeds

18 July: Vestfold Art Center hosts a city walk with Per Arvid Åsen from Agder Naturmuseum and Botanical Garden, University of Agder. The walk discovers the monastery plants in the centre of town. 5pm Event information

15th June – 31st August. Garden open to the public